fromis_9 raises concerns about the group’s future after canceling overseas concert in April

fromis_9 cancels joint concert in the US at the end of April

Due to internal schedule adjustments

1. Do they cancel overseas schedules just because they’re coming back? Anyway, I hope it’s not a serious problem

2. What the hell is this..?

3. Hul, what’s happening?

4. Looks like they’re adjusting their entire schedule because their comeback is delayed

5. I hope nothing special happens

6. The members said that they went to Weverse, I guess it’s not a big deal

7. I saw it on KakaoTalk and the members contacted each other~ It’s good

8. I wonder what’s happening. Maybe it’s the member’s withdrawal or something

9. I’m not a fan, but I hope everything goes well

10. Honestly, I don’t think it’s simple internal schedule adjustments… I hope it’s not their disbandment

11. I think it’s because of the member’s withdrawal

12. What’s happening.. They said that they would make a comeback in March, but it was delayed

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I feel like some of the members or all are probably heavily affected on the harsh comments they got on their Weverse , last year was quite bad for them, people are leaving cruel messages on their Weverse everytime they go there and do a live


they are flops and should just disband


gflop already did that, fromis9 deserve better


Oh? Genuinely asking, why is that? Have they done something problematic or are they just kpoppies’ yearly chosen target?


Based on what i read, their group are form from Idol School reality show. Then, it was found that the members already been decided from the start. So, knetizen was pissed and attack this group. Saying something like they dont deserved to debut. And these hates continues till this day.


Is it because they got caught hanging out with guy friends?


What can you say, it’s hybe. If you are not raking any money, you disband.


flop girl group
no one believes they’re from hybe

only newjeans and le sserafim are real hybe girl groups because they debuted under hybe not mnet




I guess this might be their end


Yes disband


i hope they wont disband, i liked all of their recent song esp DM.

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