G-Dragon and Jang Wonyoung are rumored to be dating

G-Dragon and Jang Wonyoung are rumored to be dating

On the 6th, G-Dragon posted on his Instagram account, “Thank you for the lovely gift”, and also posted a photo of the gift he received from Miu Miu

Under the phrase ‘lovely’, a sticker of Jang Wonyoung has been added, suggesting that they are dating

1. When did the dating rumors start?

2. The age difference is too big. Who started the dating rumors?

3. What are you doing with a kid? What is the age difference?

4. Reporters are crazy too?

5. One of the dumbest dating rumors I’ve seen this year

6. Are you kidding me? Wonyoung is still a kid, what are you talking about?

7. Are you crazy? Jang Wonyoung is a minor

8. What the hell is Starship doing? Please sue those who spread rumors about Jang Wonyoung

9. What are you doing with a minor? You’re crazy.. Leave Wonyoung alone

10. No, don’t curse at GD, GD is also a victim of this dating rumor

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The gd ass lickers… that guy likes all type of ship videos and gets to go free… but if was a bts members this would be a breaking news all over media… the hypocrisy.


and what has this gonna do with bts? y’all armys with victim complex bring up bts all the damn time when literally no one mentioned about them in this post 🤡 go stream flopped YTC if y’all had so much time on hand 💀


Ofcourse armpit here with victim complex


starship need to sue Sojang faster , some of these reporters be using her videos for their articles , she’s been on to Wonyoung for months now but I felt like it is getting severe ever since she turned 18 this year .

gd needs to be mindful on what stickers he would use , like he knows all the girls/women that associated with him often being dragged back and forth and I know there will be some sick fans of him out there will be making edits of him with wonyoung and he also always found liking shipper posts of him on ig like please


Oh sh’t up his been using stickers for a long time. Also dont act like this isnt a plot set up by antis


Mindful of what? So he has to check all the stickers he uses. He typed miu miu and grab stickers. His been using alot of stickers of people. Its not his fault morons like sojang have time spinning shit up. Why dont you focus on sojang and her minions rather than dragging idols. You expect them to walk on eggshells and suffer anxiety attck or develop ocd?


He has to check if other idols have same filter. Have same stuff or furniture etc. Sh’t up.


Do you even read my comments ? I called out BOTH Sojang and GD like I can do two things at the same time.

And I called out GD because all these people know his record track with all the women that been associated with him , his fans dragged these women , called them names , like let’s put a recent example on Jennie being associated with Taehyung who was before allegedly dating GD like his fans been running hate posts on Jennie calling her names . Jooyeon from After School too . Nana Komatsu like you’re not one of them okay good for you but there are other fans of him that been harrasing those women. This is what makes me calling him out because he has this kind of history

I said what I said GD at least need to be mindful on what stickers that he’ll be using . You can’t do ‘ IDGAF’ attitude for every situation and all the time.


i remember back then with taeyeon and krystal. nightmare how it started from him first and his fans attacking them


Jennitals are the one who created and spread that rumor. These disgusting people can’t accept that jennie is dating GD


What the actual fck? Are you insane? leave jennie out of this. It was made up by sojang a korean yt who always criticize idols. Can V fans leave us alone


Delulu v stan thinking he would date them. Exhibit 1👆


Oh please not everyone want to fck their bias. I love him as an artist but would never date a kafir.


You guys are pairing GD with everyone these days😬 just leave the man be ffs🙄


They suit each other


its all started for that hag GD himself. if its not because of him there’s no rumor at all. he always after one of the most famous member in the group. i remember old days its yoona, taeyeon and even krystal and she had to deactive her account after his fans attack her. he needs to deactive seriously

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