Geffen’s head of S&R confirms to sabotage Jimin in favour of their new american plant

In recent days, a growing number of Jimin fans have voiced their concerns regarding the promotional strategy for the BTS member’s upcoming new album. Despite the global anticipation for his release, fans feel that Jimin’s project is not receiving the same level of support as those of his fellow band members.

Dedicated Jimin fans have taken to social media, tagging the artist’s labels and distribution channels, requesting equal promotional efforts. Their primary requests include the preordering of the pre-release track and providing the album without random inclusions for the European market. The latter is essential  because random inclusions can exclude sales from chart counts in Europe, potentially affecting the album’s performance.

The response from the head of streaming and revenue, Ray Kurzeka, has further validated Jimin fans’ suspicions that the lack of promotion is not accidental. Kurzeka’s reply has given Jimin’s fandom reason to believe that the label has opted to plant their new artist at Jimin’s expense, openly mocking the fans who have contributed millions to their companies over the years.

Fans have been speculating about Jimin’s label, HYBE, sabotaging him for years now. With Kurzeka’s admission of sabotage to push their new artist, fans are left questioning the extent of sabotage Jimin and other artists may have faced from the same label that it supposed to promote. The brazen admission of cheating by those pulling the strings, exploiting loopholes in the rules, is unsettling and raises doubts about whether independent success is still achievable.

As the release date of July 19th approaches, fans remain steadfast in their advocacy for equitable treatment, hoping that their efforts will pave the way for a successful launch. The pre-release track is scheduled for June 28th, marking a crucial moment for Jimin and his supporters as they anticipate an impactful debut defying the odds stacked against them.