(G)I-DLE ‘TOMBOY’ gets #1 on Melon TOP100 + Real-Time All-Kill

1st place with album ‘I Never Die’

Real-Time All-Kill

1. I really like their song and concept this time

2. I only listen to ‘TOMBOY’ these days, the song is so goodㅋㅋ

3. I like the song, it’s addictive

4. As expected, Jeon Soyeon is a genius

5. For me it’s (G)I-DLE’s best song so far!

6. This song is truly legendary

7. I like the song, I added it to my playlist, and I listen to it every day, it deserves the #1

8. I like this song so much that I keep playing it over and over again

9. I like the song, I listen to it every day

10. I like the song, the concept is so good, Jeon Soyeon is seriously a genius

11. I hope that Yuqi returns to China and promotes alone as a solo artist

12. The song, the MV, the choreography are all amazing

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