(G)I-DLE was criticized for plagiarism for their latest comeback

(G)I-DLE’s visual director’s Instagram story

“It’s been a long time since I’ve directed cute, sexy and hot girls. The pictures came out prettily”

“My wannabe
My treasure storage”

1. Isn’t it considered plagiarism?

2. You have no conscience

3. Is copying everything from the pose to the background a reference? It’s plagiarism

4. I don’t know any of their songs, but I know about their controversy

5. Even if you plagiarize, you are doing it poorly

6. Is plagiarism the only thing you can do?

7. It’s plagiarism, but you’re pretending to be inspired by it…..

8. From the beginning, the music industry couldn’t even differentiate between references and plagiarism

9. It’s easy to make money

10. It’s not referencing, it’s plagiarism

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