Girl group trainees may not know IVE and NewJeans…??

They may not know because they just practice

1. Of course, the public may not know them, but if you’re a trainee, you’ll know them

2. No, even the commoners know them, why don’t the trainees know them?

3. This is ridiculous, to be honest, when the trainees meet, they talk a lot about the entertainment industry and rumors

4. Unless you live at the temple, you won’t know them

5. If it’s true that they really don’t know, aren’t they to the point of being locked in the company and just practicing? I don’t think they will be able to not know if they meet their peers and go to school

6. If you don’t know them, isn’t that the level of confinement??

7. Commoners may not know them, but it’s ridiculous that idol trainees don’t know them

8. They’re trainees, shouldn’t they know rookies are hot right now?

9. They can’t help but know

10. If you are a trainee, you should know more about rookies

11. How come the trainees don’t know them…? Even my parents know….

12. The basic thing for trainees is to always talk about another company’s debut group

13. Didn’t the trainees have to practice with their songs?

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not sure what is the point of this discourse , I mean yeah the trainees probably know them but idt they will put these groups as their role models tbh


Maybe 5th gen will put them as their role models rn only 1st 2nd or 3rd gen gg idols would be mostly named as role models. There will be quite rare case if someone names a 4th gen idol as their role model. I mean when twice or bp were just starting to climb the stairs of success other idols or trainees do recognise them as someone who were popular or trendy but never named as their role models but now when they are already quite successful and popular various 4th gen idols name them as their inspiration. Like take Wonyoung for example the 4th gen it girl, she named bp and twice as her inspiration, as someone she strives to be like. Just like this 5th gen idols will surely name 4th gen as their role models. But rn the chances are quite slim.


I agree that 5thgen idols will put them as their role model. But there is already an 4thgen idol from mid sized company mentioned wonyoung as her role model. Also leeseo from ive once said that karina is her role model . its a rare case


Which member group who said that wony is her role model?

SOD Entertainment

true, most trainees i know wouldn’t know them because they have too much things in their plate to focus on.

Sophie Kate

Why would this be a discussion

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