Girl groups that are considered visual legends among girl groups of all time

1. S.E.S.

The beginning of girl group visuals

2. Fin.K.L

Sung Yuri and Lee Hyori in the same group


The beginning of the term ‘Bermuda line’

4. Fx

Sulli and Krystal are in the same group


All 9 members of the group are visual members

6. Another group

1. TWICE’s visuals are the best, but each individual’s unique personality + the group’s visual harmony is crazy

2. For me, it’s BLACKPINK and NMIXX

3. TWICE, BLACKPINK, and among the rookie groups, it’s LE SSERAFIM and NewJeans

4. TWICE! But when I hear the word “visual”, the first group that comes to mind is Soshiㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. Lee Hyori and Sung Yuri are legends

6. TWICE’s average visuals seem to be the best

7. Eugene is the prettiest female idol, and TWICE is the prettiest girl group

8. Where is Red Velvet?

9. For me, BLACKPINK’s visuals are the best

10. The group where all the members are pretty is TWICE

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