Girl groups that will be nominated for Rookie of the Year award this year

1. IVE

Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin from IZ*ONE / Under Starship

Their first week sales was 150K / They stayed in TOP 10 Melon for 3 months and in daily chart for 101 days, their best daily ranking was #3

13 crowns / The shortest time to win on music show / MV released in December 1st has 100 million views

2. Kep1er

‘Girls Planet 999’ debut group / Wake One & Swing

Their first week sales was 200K / The highest rank on Melon daily chart was #91, #90 on the weekly chart, #97 on the monthly charts

3 crowns / The shortest time to reach #1 on a broadcast show / MV released on January 3 has 8.45 million views / To appear on ‘Queendom 2’


Under JYP

Their first week sales was 220K & #1 in terms of first week sales / The highest rank on Melon daily chart was #106

MV released on February 22 has 48.85 million views

4. Girl group with Kim Chae Won and Sakura

Kim Chae Won and Sakura from IZ*ONE + ‘Produce 48’ Heo Yoon Jin / HYBE x Source Music

Their digital and album sales are expected to be good

People say their group will be called LESSERAFIM / Speculated to debut soon

5. Min Heejin’s girl group


ADOR was established by Min Heejin, the creative director behind f(x), SHINee, and many SM groups

They will debut in Q3

+ I-LAND 2

I-LAND 2 = An idol survival show produced by CJ and HYBE

Mnet ‘I-LAND 1’ did well overseas, I expect ‘I-LAND 2’ to do well overseas too

The first episode is to air in June

+ CLASS:y (from My Teenage Girl), Billlie and YG’s girl group

1. Looking at the songs, I think it’s IVE

2. I think the girl groups of the 2020s seem to be complete versions of female idols, and it’s interesting to see the MVs and stage videos of female idols these days

3. I like NMIXX because their skills are good, but IVE’s song is doing better, Min Heejin’s girl group is also expected

4. I’m looking forward to Min Heejin’s girl group, I hope they debut sooner

5. I think it’s NMIXX or IVE

6. Honestly, it’s IVE

7. NMIXX should release good songs next time.. Seriously, I couldn’t listen to their debut song… I don’t know what JYP is thinking

8. It’s IVE so far, but when I hear NMIXX sing live, their songs are all good, so I’m looking forward to them in the future

9. I’m curious about Min Heejin’s girl group

10. I’m not sure, I’m waiting for their next songs

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