Graduation photos of YG’s new girl group member ‘Baby Monster’ Jung Ah Hyun

1. She has good proportions and she’s pretty

2. Ah Hyun is so pretty

3. I thought she wasn’t Korean, but she’s Korean?

4. But she looks like a 4th generation female idol that I don’t remember her name

5. Oh her eyes are so big

6. Her proportions in the photos are good….. Her face is too small

7. Who does she look like?? I’m really curious

8. She looks so cute

9. I can see the faces of so many idols

10. I can see YG vibes

11. She was born in 2007?

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walmart garam


Stop trying to make this googly eyed kid happen. I get scandal vibes from her already. Tell her rich daddy to use his money elsewhere

Basically ii


Last edited 28 days ago by Basically ii

yeah, i know that such judgements based on nothing are rude, and shouldn’t be made, but i see such a hypocrisy in her facial expressions, i see scandal vibes in her too, there is something off about her aura.


i’m kinda sorry for the kiddo tho, she is only 15 and already getting baseless hate from us😂 but she really is having strange vibes, not likable vibes

Last edited 28 days ago by byongbyong

looks like le sserafim yunjin


Oh yeah, a little bit


I don’t know.. in my eyes she looks pretty with big eyes which seem unique. I think she will be prettier when she becomes adult.

Ew yoo

Do you have a countdown clock perv?

Last edited 27 days ago by Ew yoo

She’s pretty but I can’t see why people think she has YG vibes. YG idols usually have strong features but her features look soft, like maybe from JYP…?


So im not the only one who really feels like she reminds them of someone but can’t figure out who. First i’m thinking some Disney star and then I’m thinking if it’s my sister? Or maybe she just has one of those faces.


she has an average face. not in a bad way. I’ve seen so many kids who look like her fr. I do mean kids. I’m a teachers aid. they tend to grow out of this ambiguous look. her nose will probably be a very strong feature.


Theres so many posts of her lately that it must mean she’s either center or visual lol. Idk if its really fans or staff’s fake fan accounts already working on “promoting her”

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