Groups that are confirmed or expected to comeback in April and May

Are there any groups whose comebacks are confirmed or expected in April and May?

Please tell me..!!!!


2. ENHYPEN is scheduled to make a comeback in May

3. ONF on April 8

4. Aespa, NewJeans, IVE and Seventeen

5. Aespa, NewJeans and TripleS are confirmed in May

6. Wow, the lineup is crazy. It will definitely be fun

7. RIIZE in April

8. First of all, TXT is coming back tomorrow

9. April 1 TXT, April 15 BOYNEXTDOOR

10. NewJeans on May 24

11. SEVENTEEN is expected at the end of April

12. NCT Doyoung in April

13. NewJeans, May 24

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