Gucci sending gifts to BTS Jin made netizens wonder if he will become Gucci’s ambassador

Gucci sent gifts to BTS Jin’s discharge from the military

It was taken by fans while it was being deliveredㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Gucci ♡ Jin

1. Wow, how many gifts are there? I want them too

2. At that rate, it looks like he’ll become a Gucci ambassador

3. Even the cake is made with care

4. Thom Browne, what are you doing?

5. It looks like Jin will become a Gucci ambassador

6. Why are there so many shopping bags?

7. There must be many brands waiting for Jin

8. No, meanwhile the fangirls are going crazy over that photocard, what is that outfit?

9. Isn’t that photo crazy? It’s a prince

10. There are many brands that want Jin to become their ambassador

11. Well, it was taken during delivery

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