Guys, I recommend you this song from BLACKPINK’s new album

It’s The Happiest Girl

This is my favorite song from BLACKPINK’s new album, it’s an amazing song

People always say Jisoo gets the least lines in BLACKPINK, but the fact that Jisoo’s voice is made for ballads. I hope she gets such kind of songs, her voice isn’t totally made for hip-hop and EDM

Lisa’s voice shows the most growth, I’m surprised by the emotions it carries

I like Rosé’s voice, I also like Jennie’s strong vocals. As expected, they are great vocalists

The melody is a masterpiece and the lyrics are beautiful. I cried while listening to ‘The Happiest Girl’

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Yeah I loved this song especially when I heard Jennie started the song its my favorite

Not ur typa girl

Great. I just bought the album and im waiting for it to get shipped. Just like i did with the previous blackpink’s albums, im only gonna listen to the physical album rather than online streaming platforms. Yall killing me. 😭😭😭 I can’t wait and im refrain myself from listening to the songssaa


i love the fact there is always an emotional track in their albums and they are always my favorite!!!

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