Han So Hee agreed with a comment criticizing Ryu Jun Yeol

Han So Hee’s blog comments in real time

Fan: Good job, So Hee. I’m feeling all relieved on your behalf. Good thing you broke up! By dating an avoidant man who keeps his mouth shut, ultimately your insides will turn black like ashes… You did so well. Giving you pats for all the hurt you received all this while… I hope it heals well. He should’ve been weaned off diapers…

Han So Hee: You’re right. The person in question kept his mouth shut, while I was trying to do anything I could. People say that in time, things will get forgotten. But what do I do? My fans are just as precious to me, so much that I can’t keep silent and just watch.

1. Suddenly fans are so important now…?

2. I guess she’s started thinking about her fans now

3. According to her management company’s statement, she only acted based on her personal feelings

4. She shouldn’t have been that famous as a celebrity… She should have just lived as an influencer…

5. Someone please take her phone

6. Is it because fans are so precious? Doesn’t she just want to say everything she wants to say?

7. If your fans are important to you, please listen to them

8. Han So Hee I know is just a fictional character

9. Seriously, she’s the type of person you should never get involved with in real life

10. I don’t think you care what your fans think

11. Are you in your 30s?

12. Han So Hee is disgusting. She is the type of person you never want to associate with

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