Han So Hee looks bright at the airport amid the dating controversy

Pictures of Han So Hee in real time

1. Since she said it wasn’t transit love, I guess they’ll break up

2. So Hee, be happy

3. She has a ring on her left ring finger

4. Who is the person holding Han So Hee’s hand? I’m so jealous…

5. I’m so jealous of Ryu Jun Yeol

6. I’m really jealous of her boyfriend

7. But is the woman holding her hand an employee?

8. I’m glad she has a bright expressionㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

9. Her smile is so pretty

10. Her expression is so bright and pretty. I hope she is happy

11. My heart fluttered when I saw the picture

12. There are many people who love you so don’t worry and be happy

13. It’s nice to see her smile, the world becomes brighter

14. I really like her bright appearance ㅠㅠ Fighting!!!!

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