Han So Hee personally confirmed her relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol and apologized to Hyeri

Han So Hee’s blog post update

1. Ah, I can’t believe it. How is it possible that such a super pretty woman is dating him…… I feel like the world is going crazy

2. There are still many people who write comments without knowing that they are malicious comments

3. It seems like the kids who still criticize Han So Hee only do so because they don’t want to admit they were wrong

4. I love So Hee’s honesty ㅜㅜ Be happy

5. She’s cool because she’s honest. It’s much cooler than sniping on Instagram with no explanation. She’s even cooler because she admits her mistakes

6. The kids cursing Han So Hee are disgusting. I hope they will be sued and criticized like that

7. I like So Hee because she’s honest.. I always support her

8. I wonder what Ryu Jun Yeol’s charm is

9. Han So Hee could have done better

10. Han So Hee is cool, and Ryu Jun Yeol… what the hell is he doing?

11. I don’t understand why things like this focus on Ryu Jun Yeol

12. The most absurd thing to me is that the male lead in this drama is Ryu Jun Yeol

13. I still don’t know why all three of them were criticized

14. Her personality is charming

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