Han So Hee personally responded to her dating rumors with Ryu Jun Yeol

Han So Hee’s Instagram update

“Explain the situation now.”

“I don’t like people who have a lover,
nor do I give them space, interest,
or establish a relationship under
the guise of friendship,
nor do I meddle in other
people’s relationships.
I like transit dating programs,
but they’re not a part of my life
I find it funny, too.”

1. Am I the only one who thinks it’s a play??? Hyeri and Han So Hee???

2. Isn’t that what Hyeri and Han So Hee are saying to the haters??

3. Whatever the truth is, this happened so Ryu Jun Yeol needs to give an explanation

4. But the truth is that even if they are dating, there is no reason to criticize Han So Hee

5. Is this really what happened to Ryu Jun Yeol?

6. It’s absurd that all of this happened to Ryu Jun Yeol

7. No matter how hard I think about it, I still think Hyeri is talking about Ryu Jun Yeol, not Han So Hee

8. The situation is so funny, this is Hollywood

9. Is Han So Hee attacking Hyeri?

10. Why do they care so much about other people’s relationships, I wonder if they have anything else to do

11. I don’t want to believe this situation right now

12. The most interesting thing is that Ryu Jun Yeol is the male lead in this situation

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