Han So Hee replied to a malicious comment saying that her image was ruined

Han So Hee replies to malicious comments

Comment: “Image f*ing tanked…tsk tsk”

Han So Hee: “I know my image is what you all and my fans have made on behalf of me, so I would humbly take it if this incident tarnished my image although I am upset.”

Netizens went to the blog where Han So Hee posted a statement and left malicious comments.

And even in posts like this, there are still a lot of people blaming Han So Hee for why she responded.

In other words, Han So Hee is the victim of this scandal

1. I hope she can sue all the haters who go to the blog and leave malicious comments

2. I support Han So Hee, she’s amazing

3. There are many people who have nothing to do

4. I think it would be better if she ignored the malicious comments

5. Han So Hee’s image hasn’t been ruined yet so don’t worry and let’s work hard~!!!

6. Leave Han So Hee alone ((((((Han So Hee)))))))

7. I wish she would close the comments section and not care about the comments

8. I hope Han So Hee’s company will sue all comments that cross the line

9. What is her agency doing? Please take care of your artists

10. I feel sorry for her. Why is she criticized?

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