Han So Hee reveals the reason she loves Ryu Jun Yeol

Han So Hee, the reason she loves Ryu Jun Yeol “Looks aren’t everything, just be healthy”

Han So Hee said that he feels satisfied with his relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol, “Different from dating when I was young, looks aren’t everything, I feel my body and spirit are healthier than before, I can control my weaknesses when I do what I want, and I feel like it’s a necessary relationship.”

1. Looks aren’t everything… Is she talking about herself?

2. If I were Ryu Jun Yeol, I would cry

3. Someone please take her phone and stop her from using SNS

4. What is she doing? She admits that he’s ugly?

5. Ryu Jun Yeol’s fans will be even more upset that his girlfriend said that about him

6. Is it true that you love your boyfriend…?

7. I think he looks ugly even in the eyes of his girlfriend

8. Why is she saying that her boyfriend is ugly?

9.Please protect that squid forever

10. At the center of this controversy is Ryu Jun Yeol

11. It seems like they will break up soon

12. Looking at her actions now, it seems like she is not very healthy

13. Damn, if I were Ryu Jun Yeol, I would be so sad….

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