Han So Hee’s activities were not interrupted after breaking up with Ryu Jun Yeol

[Exclusive] Han So Hee will have a photoshoot tomorrow.. Her activities are uninterrupted after breaking up with Ryu Jun Yeol

Actress Han So Hee is doing her schedule without any problems even after breaking up with Ryu Jun Yeol

1. I really have no interest in this relationship and so far I haven’t commented. What article is this? People don’t go to work the next day after they break up? What the hell are you talking about?

2. I usually don’t leave comments but I found the title funny. So you didn’t work after the breakup?

3. As soon as I saw the title, I thought it was obvious

4. Break up??

5. It’s best to focus on work, I hope she works hard

6. Just take her phone

7. You will work, even if you get divorced

8. Even if you break up, you still have to go to work…

9. I’m not curious…

10. I don’t care and I especially don’t want to see her

11. Of course she has to work

12. Usually people still go to work even when they break up with their boyfriend…

13. I’m not curious, if she appears I will change the channel

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