Han So Hee’s agency speaks out about her Instagram post sniping at Hyeri

Han So Hee side “We have nothing to say. We apologize… ‘snipping at Hyeri’ caused embarrassment on SNS [Official statement]

On the 29th, Han So Hee’s management company 9Ato Entertainment remained silent on the controversy over the SNS post posted early in the morning and said, “We have nothing to say. We apologize.”

1. Her agency is in trouble

2. I feel so sorry for her agency ㅜ

3. I guess she doesn’t think about anyone around her, including herself

4. As soon as employees come to work at the company, their heads will explode…

5. What is the agency’s fault?

6. I also don’t think the company will renew her contract

7. What’s wrong with the employees? It’s Friday so I hope you guys get off work and eat something delicious…

8. I feel sorry for the employees

9. The agency must be so frustrated

10. The agency is the most pitiful..

11. It will be so difficult for the agency’s employees

12. Both the agency and its employees are victims

13. I feel sorry for the employeesㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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