Han So Hee’s CF contracts were terminated one after another after admitting her relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol

‘Ryu Jun Yeol ♥’ Han So Hee, ‘NH Bank, Chum Churum’ CF contracts were terminated one after another

There are many reports that actress Han So Hee, who recently admitted her relationship with actor Ryu Jun Yeol and was suspected of a ‘transit relationship’, has terminated her contract as an advertising model

According to Lotte Chilsung on the 20th, Han So Hee’s contract as an advertising model for ‘Chum Churum’ expired in early March. Lotte Chilsung said: “The contract was not renewed after the expiration of the one-year contract period” and “the next advertising model has not yet been decided”.

Although the contract was terminated before the dating rumors broke out, the media is paying attention to Lotte Chilsung’s pioneering plan before it became a rumor. This is the first time in 8 years that the advertising model for ‘Chum Churum’ has changed in just one year.

In addition, NH Bank also terminated the contract with Han So Hee

1. How can an actress who can’t control her emotions be used in advertising?

2. Honestly, I’m not worried about Han So Hee at all

3. Because the image is so important in advertising

4. Her reputation as Ryu Jun Yeol’s guardian seems to have tarnished her image

5. Just looking at the article title, you would think that the advertising contract was canceled because of dating rumors

6. The advertiser’s actions are the public’s reaction

7. I feel sorry for Han So Hee… And one of the important facts is that she has no eyes for men…

8. They said it ended before the dating rumors broke out, so what’s the problem?

9. After all, image is really important to celebrities

10. I don’t care for Han So Hee, but after seeing how she handled this matter, I’m not satisfied

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