Hanbok/merchandise experience area installed at BTS concert in Las Vegas (Feat. Korea Tourism Organization)

+) BTS cooperates with Korea Tourism Organization

The Korea Tourism Organization opens a PR booth and promotes Korean culture to global fans who go to the stadium, such as experiencing Hanbok, experiencing the scents of each city in Korea, and providing provide souvenirs

1. The power of culture! BTS’ influence is amazing

2. Wow.. I don’t care about idols, but BTS seems to do a lot of good things with their influence, so I understand why Koreans like them

3. BTS is amazing and Korea Tourism Organization did so well

4. It’s good ㅜㅜ Let the world know our culture!

5. The idea is amazing, the hanboks are so pretty!!

6. They are better than 1000 diplomats, they are cultural diplomats

7. I don’t know about idols, I’m curious why BTS became a global group and why are they more popular worldwide than other kpop groups?

8. I’m not a fan, but I’m grateful and proud that BTS has a good influence on people all over the world, so I hope they promote for a long time

9. Thank you so much BTS

10. I’m not a fan of BTS, but as a Korean, I’m grateful that they played such a huge role in promoting Korean culture to the US

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