“Has BTS been on the blacklist yet?” Netizens talk about Presidential Transition Committee deciding not to invite BTS to the inauguration ceremony due to budget issues

BTS will not attend the presidential inauguration “There was discussion, but budget issues”

On the morning of the 11th, Park Joo Seon, chairman of the Presidential Transition Committee, stated, “It was difficult to invite the world famous idol star called BTS with limited inauguration budget so we concluded that it is impossible to invite them this time.”

He added, “We hope that there will be an opportunity invite them when there is a public event worthy of BTS’s status and reputation.”

Chairman Park said, “It is true that we considered various proposals, including BTS performances at the presidential inauguration.” “BTS is a cultural asset that Korea is proud of.”

1. Why does the public need to know that? Aren’t they planning to spend 36 billion won to relocate the Blue House?

2. What kind of budget is that?

3. ‘Budget Issues’ >> What? Didn’t BTS spend their own money last time?

4. Okay, please, don’t even think about calling BTS, I don’t want BTS to get involved in politics

5. Has BTS been on the blacklist yet?? I feel bad for them..

6. Are they blaming BTS? They want BTS to perform for free..?

7. If they said they were turned down, they would feel embarrassed, so they decided to say it was because of budget issues

8. Leave BTS alone. What has been happening in the past few days?

9. No, what the hell are they doing…? Are they pointing arrows at BTS..?

10. So they’re blaming BTS.. Are they crazy?

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