Haters accuse Lisa of plagiarism, but the reality is different

Since its launch, Lisa’s ROCKSTAR has made a worldwide impact. Praised by millions of internet users, artists, producers, rappers on Youtube, the song ROCKSTAR became an instant hit. And like any hit, it has its detractors. In this case, the haters started a hate train against Lisa to try to discredit her.

The reality is that the shaky-cam effect in video is neither new nor an artist’s invention. It is an effect and can be done in Premiere Pro. It just takes a professional editor to do a multi-camera setup and the effect will be created.  On Youtube there are professionals who left videos years ago for everyone to learn how to do it.

Many have attempted similar scenes with or without movement. Motion is an effect that every editor has at their disposal to create their content.

The same goes for the star top Lisa wears in ROCKSTAR. Many haters accused her of copying designs. But the reality is that the Universe already created that design during the Big Bang.

It’s a star. The haters who accused Lisa showed an outfit whose upper part is glued to the lower part. In ROCKSTAR, Lisa wears a top with trousers. The top is quite far from the waist. In the image the haters use to link to a copy, the top is full and attached to a skirt.

Some wanted to bring back to light an accusation made by choreographer Cierra Nichols in 2021. However, the woman herself quickly apologised and took to social media to apologise for the affair.

“Hi everyone, I want to take the time to clarify recent comments I made that affected me more than myself. Firstly, I apologise to everyone who was directly affected by this; Lisa from Blackpink, YG Entertainment, Chesir and the Bloc Talent agency. My recent comments in no way represent them or who they are as an entity.

“At this point, I take great responsibility for the consequences. Considering the period we were in and even more so afterwards; neither I nor anyone else should be making hateful comments, threatening or harassing anyone. It was a lesson to keep in mind and a reminder to respect the physical and mental well-being of my fellow human beings. I learned a lot from this experience and that grace and humility are always the answer.

After a serious comparison, I would say that there may be some similarities in movement, but I would like to say that this was not copied by the choreographer or Lisa the performer. With love, Cierra Nichols”.

It is 2024 and hate trains should be a thing of the past for all fandoms, and understand that they only hurt their own favourite artists, whom they hurt with their actions.