Have you listened to Jennie’s new song yet? Netizens talk about Jennie’s new song

Have you listened to Jennie’s new song yet?

This is a collaboration song with Matt Champion. It’s really good. Everyone should listen to it. It’s not on Melon but you can listen to it on Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music

[+52, -25]

1. [+22, -9] Jennie sings so well~

2. [+21, -32] Listen to it yourself

3. [+20, -8] The song is so good.. This song is showing a new side of Jennie’s voice

4. [+18, -0] It’s on Melon, why are you saying it’s not?

5. [+9, -5] It’s a genre that I couldn’t even expect but her vocal color is so good. When will Jennie’s solo album come out?

6. [+8, -8] Her results weren’t very good. What happened??

7. [+7, -11] No, I won’t listen to it

8. [+6, -2] The song is a bit boring but not bad ㅋㅋ If this were her solo song I think I would be a bit disappointed but since it’s a collaboration song I think they just tried something new

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