“He looks like a Japanese ajusshi” G-Dragon at Chanel fashion show today

G-Dragon today (at Chanel fashion show)

1. Why does he look so thin and short?

2. I think he needs exercise. He looks so weak..

3. He looks like someone that you can see anywhere on the streets of Japan

4. He dresses well, but I think his posture is too bad

5. Honestly, he looks like a girl

6. The clothes are so pretty, I want them. The only man who can wear those clothes is GD

7. If I wore those clothes, I would look like a grandma, but he still looks good

8. What’s wrong with his hair? He looks like a Japanese

9. He looks so short, he looks like he’s only 150cm

10. Now you can see his age on his face…

11. He looks like a Japanese ajusshi who is over 40 years old that you can see on the street

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