Hit songs of girl groups that almost fell into the hands of others

TWICE ➡️ I.O.I “Very Very Very”

Brave Girls ➡️ SISTAR “Alone”

CLC ➡️ IZ*ONE “La Vie en Rose”

TWICE ➡️ Girl’s Day “Female President”

Apink ➡️ StayC “Stereotype”

Sunmi ➡️ IVE “Love Dive”

Hyuna, Jessi ➡️ EXID “Up&Down”

Girls’ Generation ➡️ f(x) “Hot Summer”

Seo In Young ➡️ Secret “Magic”

ZE:A ➡️ BEAST “Shock”

Hyorin ➡️ Girl’s Day “Something”


Ava max ➡️ IVE “I AM”

1. I think Sunmi will also suit Love Dive

2. Wow, I’m so curious about Apink’s Stereotype!

3. I’m curious about Hyorin’s Something

4. I’m curious about 2NE1’s version of ‘AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST’

5. Didn’t ‘Female President’ come out before TWICE??

6. I really want to listen to Sunmi’s Love Dive… I also really like the short part she sings

7. Wow, I think Hyorin’s voice also suits Something

8. I’m really curious about 2NE1’s AS IF IT’S YOUR LAST

9. ‘Female President’ was released in 2013 and TWICE debuted in 2015, so how can it be TWICE’s song??

10. I think Girl’s Day did so well with ‘Female President’

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