Honestly, if Hyunjin leaves Stray Kids, the fandom will be even stronger???

I think it’s possible….. He’s seriously a barrier

1. I don’t know about their fandom overseas, but it’s possible in the country

2. I also saw foreign fans saying that if Seo Soojin left the group, (G)I-DLE would fail, but it turned out pretty well

3. In the long run, it’s better

4. First of all, the image will be improved by kicking the violent school member out of the group

5. But he has a lot of fans, so it will be a big loss

6. In Korea

7. When he leaves the group alone, the number of people listening to Stray Kids’ songs will increase

8. If you look at the school violence controversy, that member left and things got better

9. I’m curious! Is that picture Stray Kids character? It’s also in the article I saw yesterday!

10. When he leaves the group, the other members will become more popular

11. It’s possible in Korea

12. Stray Kids is more popular overseas, so they don’t seem to mind about kicking him out of the group. Of course, he himself is a big barrier to their popularity in Korea

13. Even if he leaves the group, there will still be a lot of people who like Stray Kids

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it will definitely help them domestically since it is quite obvious he is the deterrent for thembecoming popular domestically despite all of their achievements internationally, which boost the country’s image. on international fans’ side it shouldn’t be a problem since ifans aren’t that loyal so they’d just transfer to felix or minho most likely


🤣🤣 tell that to iKon, MonstaX and Pentagon


neither of those groups was ever anywhere near the top5 (tbh sans ikon not even top15 maybe) groups at any point of their careers whereas stray kids is neck to neck with nct for the 2nd spot and likely to outdo them soon. 4th gen stans are achievement bugs so for as long as their achievements don’t dry up neither will their fanbase so there is nothing to say to those groups

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Not a Carat but that second spot is 100% Seventeen’s. And Skz is neck and neck with TxT.

NCT and Skz are fighting for sales numbers, but that’s largely just because they both release stupid amounts of versions every year.


But even seventeen release stupid amount of versions. Smh kpop fans will count each random photo card as a new version for nct, stray kidz, or any other group they don’t stan but then when it’s their fav they will somehow make an excuse for these versions lol. The only group that sells well and doesn’t make crazy amount of versions to increase sales is BTS.

P.S: I don’t care about the 2nd/3rd most popular narrative but just the many versions bullshit argument.


10. When he leaves the group, the other members will become more popular

Yeahh i agree. I believe other skz members gonna be even more popular. G idle n le sserafim even get more popular. Its not like hyunjin is vital musically for the group either. Felix voice is the staple sound for the group.


It’s because of Felix’s voice Koreans don’t listen to Stray Kids


Listen to stray kids people


809 views on instiz? Oh how low we’ve fallen @pannkpop


Hyunjin articles get lots of clicks on these international sites.


Domestically it will helped them a lot, i think they could even be reconized by the GP if they do it, but, as stray kids is more popular internationally, there may be issues because hyunjin is the main stan attractor of the group, his sales are crazy and has a lot of solo stans, I remember them going crazy over not having news of him when he was on hiatus. Overall the loyal fans that like the music will stay but the people that mainly/only like him will leave and that could do more harm than good. Him leaving is not so much a group issue, is more of a economic one


Nah a majority of skz fans are international and theres no point in trying to please kfans cause anymore they’re mostly concentrated to bts or sm boygroups or seventeen.

His solo fandom also contributes to a lot of sales. LBR theres no point in kicking him out in the companys eyes cause it’ll only please people who arent gonna buy albums in the 1st place. It’s not gonna suddenly make their music sound good.


Hyunjin have big akgae/ solo stans that actually help them boosting their sales. I honestly don’t think they will gain anything much if Hyunjin left because SouKor don’t listen to bg music, especially the type of SKZ music. Their audience cater more to international, it help boosting them sales so I don’t think they care much about other things. They seems pretty satisfy with what they have. It’s not like they totally flop. If this was the same year when the scandal broke then maybe yes.


It will probably boost them more, look at how big Idle has gotten after Soojin left, but they’d lose a lot of customers too. Hyunjin has tons of solo stans who bury and defend him to the ends of hell.


If he leaves I know s.korea will not give a single f*ck about stray kids. Even before his scandal no one still gave a f*ck about stray kids so if he leaves it won’t be any different. These ppl are showing fake concern towards stray kids who won’t listen to their songs or buy their albums even if he leaves. Stray kids is better the way they are now. Leave them alone for heaven’s sake.


We Stays support you no matter what.


nah, they’re destined to stay flops


I think people fail to realize that Stray Kidz doesn’t make GP friendly music. So even if Hyunjin was to drop out of the group, nothing would really change much in SK. Especially since right now GGs are dominating right now. People bring up (G)-idle but they had a very song debut when they first came on the scene and people in the GP took noticed of them.

The only people who still have an issue with Hyunjin in SK are other kpop stans, regular people over there have moved on.



Stray Kids are not a strong single band, their biggest songs both vids and streaming are years old now. That’s what you need for good GP recognition. This is both korea and international. No on cares much beyond kpop fans about him.


no, they will fail. hyunjin oppa is the main attraction of the group, without him no news outlets will talk about the group.




why are now hating on hyunjin we dont have proof that he did anything


they will flop harder 😂😂😂

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