How do you feel when your friend sings Big Bang’s song at the karaoke room?

Do you guys all care about it?

I sang Big Bang’s song today and my friend said something and I was so sad…

1. I have no opinion… It’s just a Big Bang song, ending

2. I can’t sing Big Bang’s music because of Seungri, but when my friends sing, I don’t say anything and listenㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. But there’s nothing more fun than singing Big Bang’s songs at the karaoke room..

4. I still sing Big Bang songs at the karaoke room

5. It’s not because of controversy, Big Bang’s songs are not to my taste, so even during their heyday, I didn’t sing their songs

6. Seriously, I don’t know, but I also sing along with my friends

7. I have no opinion… I don’t care

8. I have no opinion

9. I just sing along happily

10. I’m not their fan or anti anyway, I don’t care

11. Your friend even notices the songs you sing at the karaoke room..? I don’t care

12. I also sing Big Bang songs, but I sing while cursing ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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Korean likes incel and criminal, so they don’t care. They will only care if their own daughter is a burning sun victim. They dont give af abt stranger. They still give trashri some money by singing and listening to his trash song. Its just the same for other countries too. People just dont care abt stranger life


The criminal incel committee 💀 I need them gone once and for all, that’s all there is to any BB discussion.


But your twinkhyung saw the word TOP and started following it like the s1vt he is 😭
And pigmin said BB are his idols
So what you gonna do?


The desperation for BTS’ validation REEKS actually 💀 Their only achievement, huh, BlinkPink (?) You would know since you’re in the same boat

Last edited 6 months ago by stfu bitch

You Dodged the whole question 💀

Saint Seungri

Best group 🙂 legendary ikons

Color color stan

Bigbang is a complete package

They have a drug addict
They have a murderer
They have a pimp and rapist
They have a dog abuser
They have a criminal enabler

Really a complete package, best group ever


You could have blurred the picture or something, we don’t need to see that

Seungri is Innocent

Can’t help to think about how Seungri can help other members to get on their feet after their disastrous careers. Other members are such a drag and untalented, Seungri alone is hard-carrying the group. He such a saint, very kind and talented person.

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