Hul Jennie was ignored?

Hul Jennie was ignored?

The cameras are all focused on the model in front of her

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1. [+73, -5] You guys are seriously the biggest haters of a singer who is literally bringing pride to the country. You guys have inferiority complexㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You guys are so pitiful

2. [+72, -6] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You wish she was ignored? Too bad since all the other pictures show her too busy posing for pictures in front of the cameras

3. [+67, -3] Anyone can see that Jennie is just waiting for her turn…

4. [+52, -3] The post itself seems so pitiful

5. [+12, -1] I’ve seen all sorts of posts hating on Jennie, but I’ve never seen a post as pitiful and ridiculous as this.. I wonder if OP’s life is pitiful

6. [+11, -1]

7. [+10, -2] Jennie needs to sue personally… There are a lot of haters who are mentally ill, and the author stoops to a new low

8. [+9, -13] She looks really short even when she wears heels like that

9. [+8, -1] OP is pathetic

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anyways, can’t wait to watch margot robbie as BARBIE this summer 💕


when’s the official date




Literally the only thing I look up to other than new music from Jungkook

Ladyboy lisa

😂😂😂 they thought that was some lost kid


Stupid 7 twink


Ladyboy = jungkook


They set her up by placing her after thee Margot Robbie 😭😭 I actually feel bad. Like you got an actual Barbie doll and then here comes Annabelle 😭


Ikr. It was really wrong to put her next to Margot.


Omg thanks for the laugh 🤣🤣🤣👍🏻



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Teenaged puppy

No one was checking for slutnie. Knetz need to accept that she not the bts they want her to be


if nobody is checking on her then is she getting posts daily? And you are clearly here hating on here. Nobody wants to be faggots and be the 7 SLAVES of HYBE

Teenaged puppy

Daily post about how she’s a whore, yes. But no one cares but her but her tranny twink fandom and her hundreds of gangbang partners. Cope.


Ignored like the flop she is lmao. Girlie only has an influencer career and no one really knew her. Even in her interview video people were shouting for margot Robbie at the back. BP only have their deluded twitter fandom bubbles and yg hype to make these girls seem bigger than they are. Even in the weekend’s series she was used as a cheap slut for 5 minutes and then thrown to the side cuz that’s her worth.


Actors, actresses always treated like royalty tbh. Western fashion industry at the end of day, prefer their white actors, actresses. Even in dior, they prefer anya taylor joy n robert pattinson. Although i think with jimin got no1 on hot100, they probably treating him better now. Bp really treated like influencers. Anya taylor joy acting also on another level too if being compared with jisoo. On met gala, only song hye kyo seem treated the best as asian celeb there. The fendi ceo was there keep accompanying her. Probably because the glory was a hit worldwide n her acting was good there. Michelle yeoh attended met gala too but i am not sure how she treated there.


How is Dior treating Jimin better now? Did he get a campaign or something? /gen


You think doing campaign is that soon? Its probably months later after his no1 hot100. Dior just recently posted about jimin. It probably gonna be out near to his next music project. BTS main job are still music. Their brand deals just a side job.


Why you sounded so hostile? I even added /gen at the end, because I was generally asking. Posting about him is like the most basic thing to do for a brand. Hence why I thought he has an upcoming campaign. Also, why hot100 is used as an excuse when he is a member of BTS and Dior is a French brand. I’m pretty sure they don’t care about billboard chart. Again, generally asking.


I follow CK on twt and it’s so funny and sad seeing how low their engagements are for her. They even resorted to “if your favorite is look 1 RT and if it’s look 2 drop a like” I mean 😭😭 they’re so desperate for some likes now that they know what real brand power looks like.


she was ignored , nobody knows her ugly ass , and she was next to margot robbie

Like Crazy

ofc she was ignored, absolutely nobody knows her in the west


what are you talking about? lol i saw so many videos paparazzi calling her name and she was most mentioned during the met gala

WhatsThe Point

Most mentioned during met Gala because y’all tweeted her name like bots


since we’re on the subject, margot robbie is honestly such a stunner like I’m actually in love with her


Ofc no one would care about her when you have Margot Robbie in front of you.

Color color stans and yg & teddy's 4 tramps

One is a great actress and then the other a great leg spreader, of course we all know why every one would focus on margot 😜 yg’s mediaplay is not working in the west lol


No offense to Jennie but its completely understandable she was out of the spotlight because there was Margot Robbie in front of HER ! Margot is on another class with Jennie. She is Hollywood star. Ofc all eyes would be on her. It didn’t mean Jennie wasn’t attractive. It just she was pale in comparison to Margot Robbie in term of popularity in Hollywood


Your comment was the nicest and mature comment here


In the west, Rosé is actually more popular and known than Jenny

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