“HYBE always lies” Kim Garam is a fan of BTS?

HYBE “Kim Garam never said she’s a fan of a particular male artist”

Kim Garam’s past picture

“BTS” sticker

1. HYBE always lies

2. Why does HYBE believe everything she says? Don’t you intend to defend BTS by giving an explanation? It’s creepy that a girl like that and BTS are in the same company

3. She said she’s not a fan of BTS, so who put that sticker on her phone?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why does she hide that she is a fan of BTS?

4. HYBE doesn’t protect BTS? What the hell are you doing?

5. Is she Kim Garam? She looks different from her in this picture

6. HYBE seems to pretend not to know this again

7. HYBE, please explain what you need to explain

8. Stop mentioning BTS when talking about her

9. I feel sorry for the BTS members

10. So she’s an ARMY, this is crazy

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