“HYBE because I can’t SlNG” K-netizens debate whether debuting at SM or HYBE is better

Would you rather debut in SM or debut in HYBE?

“HYBE because I can’t SlNG”

1. If you go to HYBE, Bang Si Hyuk won’t even greet you because he has facial recognition defect ㅠ

2. It seems like SM treats artists more like humans

3. The quality of HYBE’s songs, choreography and MV concept are all the top…..

4. I’m not talented so I think I’ll go to HYBE

5. I want to attract HYBE’s overseas fan community and retire after making a lot of money

6. Was this written by an SM fan?

7. I like SM’s concept

8. In my opinion, I will never be able to debut with my singing ability

9. Of course it’s HYBE, I don’t think I can debut in SM with my skills

10. SM… you can get Daesang even if you don’t have good results

11. Debuting at HYBE after training at YG?

12. If you’re Chinese it’s SM, if you’re Japanese it’s HYBE

13. Now HYBE will let you debut even if you don’t know how to dance

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