HYBE (Big Hit, Pledis, Source Music, ADOR, KOZ) Revenue & Net Profit


Big Hit (BTS, TXT, etc.): 409.5 billion KRW
Ithaca Holdings LLC (Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, etc.): 119.87 billion KRW
Pledis (SEVENTEEN, etc.): 240 billion KRW
Source Music(LE SSERAFIM): 49.1 billion KRW
Ador (NewJeans): 87.3 billion KRW
KOZ (Zico, BOYNEXTDOOR, etc.): 15.3 billion KRW

Net profit

Big Hit: 107.2 billion KRW
Ithaca Holdings LLC: 4.66 billion KRW
Pledis: 43.3 billion KRW
Source Music: 9.4 billion KRW
Ador: 20.5 billion KRW
KOZ: -5.5 billion KRW

1. Big Hit is amazing

2. NewJeans is daebak

3. Ador makes a lot of money just from NewJeans. If you look at CFs, you can understand their revenue. They haven’t even been on tour yet, but they’ll probably make more money in the future

4. Why is Pledis’ net profit so bad?

5. BTS is amazing even though they enlisted… It wouldn’t be a joke if they went on tour after being discharged

6. HYBE is doing so well

7. NewJeans is awesome

8. I’m so jealous of Bang Si Hyuk

9. NewJeans haven’t even been on tour yet but they’re amazing… LE SSERAFIM is also amazing

10. BTS is crazy

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