HYBE bows to change standards for BTS Jin’s ‘Hug Party’

HYBE bows to change standards for BTS Jin’s ‘Hug Party’… “You can register without buying new goods”

HYBE apologizes and changes standards for BTS Jin’s ‘Hug Party’

1. Can he hug 1,000 people?

2. Please reduce the number of people to approximately 100 people

3. It’s great that you can register without having to buy a new album!

4. It’s weird that they make you pay for physical contact.. I feel sorry for Jin

5. Don’t sell skinship to make money… Why do the same thing as Japanese idols…?

6. A handshake event with 1,000 people is enough, but a hug event is too much

7. What’s up with this company?

8. I hate HYBE so much

9. HYBE is taking advantage of Jin’s sincerity to make money

10. I thought hug parties were only for Japanese idols

11. What the hell is this company doing?

12. Seriously, aren’t BTS still the top K-pop idols? It’s so frustrating

13. No, why are you criticizing Jin? They are seriously weird kids

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