HYBE changes location for BTS’ concert in Busan due to fans’ worries

‘For safety concerns’… Change of BTS concert venue in Busan

The location of this concert has been changed from the Ilkwang special stage to the Busan Asiad Main Stadium

1. The fans really worked hard. I feel relieved

2. Wow I’m really happy

3. I’m so glad they changed

4. BTS fans really worked hard

5. ARMYs are amazing, you guys worked so hard…

6. I’m so happy.. I hope the fans will enjoy the concert comfortably!

7. I’m happy that now I can enjoy the concert comfortably

8. I’m not a fan and I’m a Busan person who wants to go to BTS concert.. I’m really happy

9. Although I’m not a fan, I’m really happy. The fans have worked hard… I hope BTS will do well

10. I’m really happy, at least I don’t have to worry about accidents anymore

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