HYBE fans and SM fans are fighting over whether their idols will work together

Even if HYBE takes over SM, please use the building separately

I can’t stand SM kids going to the HYBE building

Just use SM’s YouTube account

[+172, -86]

1. [+165, -5] SM has a nice office building, so why should they go to the HYBE office building?

2. [+126, -26] SM also doesn’t want to use the same office building as HYBE ^^ In the first place, except for Lee Soo Man, the current management didn’t want to sell their shares to HYBE because it would damage SM’s identity. Unless HYBE buys more SM shares, SM and HYBE are just strangers

3. [+120, -41] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Who would hate the most in this situation?… Guys, don’t say that

4. [+71, -32] Don’t go to the HYBE office building, for real

5. [+53, -51] Don’t get dirty by SM idols

6. [+20, -1] It’s not that HYBE acquired SM, HYBE is just the largest shareholder… How do they get around each other’s office buildings?

7. [+15, -0] If Kakao takes over SM, SM idols will work with Kakao? Did you oversleep or is your brain empty?

8. [+10, -21] Oh yeah.. please don’t go to our building..

9. [+1, -0] I think SM fans won’t like this either

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sm stan dominating pann nate as usual 🤭 jobless bitzaas


all these fights are just wasting time I think , I get why people are worried or stuffs , pretty sure sm idols are also worried , the trainees probably scared out of their mind if they will end up debuting or not but just be patient .

Hybe is the majority/largest shareholder in SM rn but they also can’t do anything they want since there are still other people they need to reconsider in making a decision, they need to talk to other people in the bod too . Pretty sure the other shareholders probably don’t want sm to go into hybe’s building .


Even IF Hybe acquired SM, it will be same policy with their other sub label, that each labels CEO is independent for manage their own artists, strategy, promotion n music stuff. Hybe only help them for financial and staffs. Each labels only have responsibility to make business n accounting report to Hybe. So, each label’s artists will keep working to their own label/agency as usual

It is what it is

I think the only label that is truly independent is BigHit (?
Even if MHJ says she manages NJs alone, definitely Hybe has done something for their success


After watching Hoshi and seeing how truly respectful artists treat BTS, I can say I’m glad those stank ass SM idols won’t step foot into the building. I don’t want people who call them “that group” stepping into the house BTS built after sleeping in a roach-infested dorm.


trust me sm’s flop kids will turn into little bugs when they see bts 😂


Hybe bought Sm’s stake and became its largest investor. This much. It’s ridiculous to expect more interaction from both companies 👍


I can’t with the whole misunderstanding and stupidity in these comments….😩


It’s not that HYBE acquired SM, they’re just the largest shareholder

SM will not have their idols at HYBE building or Youtube channel

Lazy Banana

SM stans making fun of Hybe idols’ vocals saying they don’t have vocal practice. Like why tf are they being brave when SM artists are known for lip syncing 💀




At least nct flop 💩 will pay for their drinks now 😂 lmaooo


The sm idols work for Bangtan, because Hybe is going to buy more shares, before March 1 they hope to take 40%.


Pls nobody need them in hybe ew 😭 can’t let nct steal bts cards to pay for drinks


Sm makes terrible music. Keep that shit in their own building

It is what it is

I know hybe doesn’t own SM (yet) and they just bought some shares, but low-key I’m hoping for some interactions between 97 liners, that’s always been a personal dream of mine to see Jungkook, Jaehyun, Mingyu, Eunwoo and Yungyeom interacting irl, now that Hybe will have some opinion with SM management I think it’s possible (?
Anyway, I’m just being delusional right here


Wait until NCT met “that” group face to face 🤣

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