HYBE gets criticized for selling BTS’ albums too expensive

Ingredients, price information of BTS ‘Proof (Collector’s Edition)’

1. Of course I won’t buy itㅋㅋㅋ I don’t buy anything from that company

2. Wow… An album worth 300,000 won.. They really are robbers

3. Do they think fans are ATMs?

4. Are profits in the second half of the year lower than expected? Or where did they spend a lot of unnecessary expenses?

5. I can’t buy an album worth 300,000 won

6. BTS are just money machines, ARMYs are ATMs. Let’s boycott HYBE

7. When I saw 300,000 won, I doubted my eyes

8. They just want to make money without caring about the members. This album is not even reflected on the charts. This is too much for BTS

9. There’s no reason for fans to buy this

10. Honestly, I’m not sure if I should buy it even if they sell it for 130,000 won, but what the hell is 300,000 won?

11. It’s so bad… The fans shouldn’t even buy it… Even 30,000 won is a waste

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