“HYBE go away, I only know Big Hit” Netizens say that they miss Big Hit family so much

HYBE go away, I only know Big Hit

Lee Hyun, BTS, TXT, I miss the time when the 13 of them were together. I miss the soundtrack when Big Hit’s logo appeared

HYBE family? Of course it’s good. But the Big Hit family is the best (it’s not that I hate other groups, it’s not that I love all of HYBE groups, it’s that Big Hit’s chemistry is better)

Let Kim Namjoon start an agency and bring back Lee Hyun and TXT. Let’s form an agency with only P-Dog, Slow Rabbit, Son Seong Deuk, TXT’s show production team, ‘Run BTS’ production team, and live in harmony as Big Hit family once again

[+215, -31]

1. [+45, -2] I really miss the soundtrack when Big Hit’s logo appeared…ㅜㅜ

2. [+41, -4] Me too… I like all of HYBE’s other labels, but I can’t lose Big Hit’s chemistry…

3. [+39, -1] I didn’t know this would be the last family photo… I thought it would come out every year..

4. [+33, -2] When will Jin, Jimin, Soobin, and Lee Hyun’s Cypher come out?ㅜㅜ

5. [+26, -4] For real.. Of course, other labels are good, but Big Hit has its own vibes.. I miss it so much

6. [+13, -0] Big Hit doesn’t take family photos anymore?? At that time, Lee Hyun-nim, BTS, TXT, I really enjoyed the time when they gathered like this and took family photos…ㅠㅠ

7. [+11, -0] I agree with you, I only know Big Hit

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But K-Armys hate bh too though

Color color stan

lol true they curse bh every 2 business days


Why are they acting like Bighit shutdown? Bighit music is still the same with same people.

I've yujin

Bighit flops
We only know belift

Shu Yan

Genuine question which group is in belift

seungri is free

enhypen and u know it 🙂


Who’s that? Are they new?


How does it feel to answer your own question? Is it hard to log in and out of your multiple accounts? Or do you use different devices for each of your account? Or different apps for different accounts?

Please answer, I’m genuinely curious and really really want to know.

seungri is free

ok, my only account is this and “freeseungri” (forgot pass) 🙂 thats all, are u happy?


Sure jan 🙂🙂


Your personality is shit so no one’s going to believe even in your real life


even you yourself know it’s a lie

Bring back discuss

Not sure what the point of this post is?
Bighit is still their label and management.

Bts and txt interact off camera

Bts and lee hyun are the og bighit artists and are much closer tbh

Logic Thinker

Like the only BH family photo we had was that since it was for the 15 anniversary of the company☠️ why we have to do another photo shoot is they don’t have debuted someone else in the meantime (it was supposed to debut this year but the project failed)

Last edited 6 months ago by Logic Thinker
john kook

if im not mistaken they do a shoot every 5 years
also it would be cool to see how much theyve grown and matured since then


No its a photoshoot done once 5 years

seungri is free

army idiots have nothing to do because bts unoffcialy disbanded 🙂 their solo and colab works is fckin shit, no one interesting about it


Projecting again? Your group is the one that has unofficially disbanded, that delinquent destroyed them. 


They better not do photoshoot with this cringe hybe family shit. Its fckin weird. Just leave BTS alone. They don’t need to waste their time promoting 100 grps for no reason.


Just their name is already doing wayy more promotion than needed.




as a bighit stan I don’t understand that… bighit still exists like in the past, bighit has the same team of producers, the same artist as in 2019?
but at the same time, people miss ‘bh family’ agenda but hate txt after every interaction with bts


First of all, they act like BH already shut down their business
Yes BH is under Hybe but Bang PD make sure that they operate independently
And, again
They always talk about making new company, left the company like its the easiest thing to do. Even big artist can get into big issue if they just change company suddenly


No thank you. Not a company stan


Ummm, BH is still around tho? It only changed its name to Bighit Music but nothing’s really changed that much since the pictures were taken.

The only thing I really miss from it is the old logo for the MVs.


I used to be so happy back then. Now I have to look at all these annoying groups popping up on my feed because of HYBE. I don’t even care about them, just BTS. But also I don’t mind Leehyun or txt if they show up just once in a while


Hmm i do miss bighit intro for music videos. I dont care about bighit family or hybe family. Like zero interest in a company or its artists collectively. Wish kpop fans would stop doing that…blame sm and yg esp for that cringe behavior bc they started and encouraged company stanning


We just want BTS
Fck that family agenda

Last edited 6 months ago by JeanCarlo

Bighit is still there and the artists under are still the same. These people complaining about everything because they still don’t understand that hybe is not bighit


Bunch of drama queens talking as if BH is not around

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