“HYBE has crossed the line” HYBE mentions ‘Eulsa Treaty’ in English version for overseas fans

HYBE mentions ‘Eulsa Treaty’ in English version for overseas fans

= ‘The agreement between SM and Kakao is ridiculed as an ‘Eulsa Treaty’ which cost Korea’s sovereignty in the past’

1. What if there are overseas fans who misunderstand our country’s history because of this?

2. HYBE has crossed the line

3. ???? What the hell are they talking about?

4. Eulsa Treaty? Are they really crazy?

5. Crazy ba$tards, there are things you can touch and things you can’t, but this really crossed the line

6. Take down the video and apologize in Korean and English

7. HYBE talks a lot about history. Maybe they should study Korean history again?

8. Are you kidding me? Please take down the video and apologize

9. Seriously, this is my first time commenting on the situation between SM and HYBE, what the hell are they doing?

10. I will boycott HYBE from now on

11. Do they really think the Eulsa Treaty is a joke?

12. Stop it, this is too much

13. Seriously, why are they like that?

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this is getting stupid


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they shouldn’t have touched history.. 🤦‍♀️


Seems like they are too desperate


Noone even talked about that or even curious enough to search what that is so i don’t think it’s an issue, which is also clouding the content of the video. Regardless koreans agree with this part or not, everything else in the video is right


overseas fans don’t care about it except for sm stans, not even armys were engaging with the video hybe posted.


Ofc sm stans will care because it’s for them to view and listen

Effy stonem

This is a video FOR SHAREHOLDERS, be serious and is foreigners understand there are thing you can’t touch specially trying to make you sound as the savor while using a very insensitive analogy or you think the comfort women topic is ok to compare with this companies?


Nobody cares about that lmao


Who fucking cares



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y’all think something like this about the korean history was not something for then to make people talk or more like provocative stuff because they must know korea is sensible about history and some people will search for that and probably side with korea… y’all who cares?

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honestly sm was starting to shoot themselves on the foot with going overboard with the doomsday retoric. yea their stans were being loud but gp was starting to see through their dramatic ass. Hybe could’ve just stayed quiet and now people are going against them again,


Yeah, I actually thought they’d do smt like a written statement again instead for the public. Videos like this seem more like smt to show at in a meeting, but maybe there’s a strategy somewhere I’m not seeing.

why is everyone on this site a dumbass?

Why doesn’t this article have 30+ comments?


HYBE fucked up.


cringe behavior…. from both sides.


why aren’t they handling this quietly? when other now hybe subsidiaries joined fans weren’t happy either but hybe didn’t pay them any mind. why are they breaking their backs to please ppl at sme

Color color stan

Do these idiots know how to hold a Board of Directors meeting or a shareholders meeting lol


Yeesh… this wasn’t smart.

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