HYBE introduces 7 new directors to SM, Bang Si Hyuk and Min Heejin get eliminated

HYBE introduces 7 new directors to SM Entertainment… Bang Si Hyuk and Min Heejin get eliminated

The chosen director candidates were submitted by Lee Soo Man instead of HYBE. Since HYBE buys shares after the closing date of shareholders, they don’t have the right to propose directors at this shareholder meeting

Bang Si Hyuk and Min Heejin are not on the list

1. SM only has the name left and almost disbanded

2. But those directors are from the game industry

3. Actually, HYBE has a lot of people from the game industry, but they are doing so well

4. I don’t think it matters much since they are just business people anyway, but doesn’t HYBE also have many directors from other industries on the board?

5. Guys, HYBE is also run by such professional managers, it’s true that management and production should be separated

6. I don’t know why Min Heejin keeps getting mentioned

7. There are a lot of people in the legal field, it seems appropriate for the current situation

8. Isn’t it good for SM? They should separate management and entertainment

9. I think it will be the best development for SM if it is run by professional managers and business as usual

10. HYBE’s work is cleaner than Kakao who only makes ob$cene comments

11. HYBE’s work is fast and clear

12. Just by looking at the names of the directors, you can see how systematic HYBE is

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Plss the way kpop fans are illiterate and just say anything to call hybe money hungry and evil. Like yes ofc the company wants money but hybe have always do things by law and not like these other companies. Hybe cares about their work and is not led by ppl who want attention like lsm, yg, jyp etc. All these companies end up with some shady shit but hybe is so clean


except min hee jin bc she keeps taking those interviews to prop herself lol


Exactly, she’s a self-proclaimed and arrogant


what do you know? you’re funny. you’re just one of the kpop fans you call illiterate. More than anything it’s a business, business is a class of continuous greediness, all they’ll care abt is money and pride. They’ll try to abide the law but they know how dirty the industry is. No company is purely virtuous girl


No, we already know that you’re supporting prob persons. Min Hee Jin obviously selfish about every fucking her works. She got to where she is thanks to Hybe and BTS, but she says in her interviews that “I accomplished everything myself.”


Idk why ppl assumed that Bang Sihyuk would’ve been considered anyway, he stepped down as CEO of Hybe to just focus on being chairman of the board and being a producer, I doubt he even wanted to be considered as a director to begin with


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