HYBE requests to convene Ador’s shareholders meeting, asking CEO Min Heejin to step down

[Exclusive] HYBE requests to convene Ador’s shareholders meeting… Requests CEO Min Heejin to step down

1. Without HYBE, NewJeans would not have become so popular. They’re so popular thanks to BTS and HYBE, I’m so disappointed

2. What is she doing with other people’s money?

3. The content is really shocking. At this rate, it’s natural for Min Heejin to step down and it will be difficult for her to work with NewJeans for a while, so what will the group’s direction be?

4. Seriously, human greed has no end

5. If this were known to foreign fans, they would boycott NewJeans

6. But what would NewJeans do without Min Heejin? Who will plan their album?

7. Oh my god, I hate HYBE but this is too much

8. I think NewJeans will fail without Min Heejin

9. She was really ungrateful after receiving all the investment money

10. Wow… what’s happening to NewJeans?

11. The value of being on HYBE’s label was better, but her greed ruined it

12. Is she angry that ILLIT is doing well?

13. If you look at LE SSERAFIM and ILLIT, you can see that they made female idols successful even without Min Heejin

14. She was too greedy because NewJeans was doing well

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