HYBE reveals other people’s private lives, including KakaoTalk, but bans people from reading trial records

[Exclusive] HYBE, ‘remains silent’ on compromise offer, files for restriction on access to the trial records

On June 5, 2024, it was reported that HYBE had applied for a restriction on access to the trial records of their recent court trial with Min Heejin.

In South Korea, court case trial records are made public after a period of time unless the involved parties apply for restrictions on access.

1. As expected of people who came from the gaming industry

2. Do they know how embarrassing it is?

3. Them revealing the KakaoTalks to YouTubers was too significant. Even though both parties used traditional media for their mediaplay, using YouTubers known for their negative virality was crossing a line

4. Are they revealing other people’s private lives, including KakaoTalk, and banning people from reading their private lives? That makes me even more curious. What did they do?

5. I hope the court will dismiss it now

6. It’s all already been spread anyway

7. They’re so pathetic, through and through. After they used YouTubers to spread the KakaoTalk chats already

8. Only what benefits them is revealed…?

9. Idiots… Aren’t the chats all already online? They were f*cking taking hits at Min Heejin using KakaoTalk chats as their only evidence, and now they want to put restrictions on the chats

10. I’m curious about the original text of KakaoTalk. What is happening?

11. HYBE = Synonym for ugly

12. What are they doing?

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