HYBE says they need to take over SM to develop K-pop

HYBE “needs to take over SM to develop K-pop… Partnering up with Kakao is possible”

HYBE, who became SM’s largest shareholder after buying Lee Soo Man’s shares in SM Entertainment, emphasized that the SM acquisition was necessary to maintain K-pop’s global influence and make it mainstream

1. Even if HYBE isn’t there, K-pop still does well;

2. Is the growth of HYBE the growth of K-pop? They are too arrogant

3. What the hell are they talking about?.. It’s the growth of HYBE, not the growth of K-pop

4. I guess they really think HYBE = K-popㅋㅋ

5. Please treat BTS well first

6. HYBE dominates Korea, US, China, Japan, I don’t understand what they want to gain from SM

7. This is how K-pop is ruined

8. Human greed has no limits

9. But why does HYBE want to take over SM? HYBE itself is doing well now, the labels are doing well too

10. I can’t believe all of this happened because of Lee Soo Man’s greed

11. HYBE, are you really serious about taking over SM to make up for BTS’s military service?

12. If you think about K-pop, leave SM alone

13. Is HYBE going to be K-pop soon?

14. Isn’t HYBE’s dominance hindering K-pop’s growth?

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I don’t think Hybe should be so insistent on buying this flop company’s shares.


tYou are not businessman, they know better than sm could bring them money.


Girl they aren’t. They only have that many shares because LSM begged HYBE and gave them away bc he got angry over the “illegal” cosm and Kakao cooperation


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K army

Hybe is going to nuts…. BTS developed kpop if there is no BTS this many people will not not be interested in kpop so be thankful to bts
Invest more money in them they don’t even get their proper solo albums .
Hybe is wasting BTS money on all other things


They need more money to buy playlisting for all of their group in the future

dot com bubble

At least if they really do it, they do it with money… not like some groups we know 💀


Not rlly


it’s just a pity honestly , sm can solve this whole issue internally without involving align partners that would bring kakao in and hybe but money and greed for power really blinds you and now both of them losing control over their own company. chris lee and the other executives at SM’s bod does not really think this through of their plan to overthrow lsm.

if I’m a fan of sm groups, neither side is that good tbh, I understand why the fans feel very anxious or scared for their favs, I bet the artists feel worried about this whole stuff too but oh well this already happened. Just need to bear with it I guess


The only thing hybe has done is been given the shares by Lee Soo man bc he begged hybe and they haven’t done anything much yet there’s a huge mess


Well at least SM’s lyrics would make sense with hybe


This article is misleading. HYBE said that they could help SM to developa stronger kpop presence in the US not to develop kpop. Also the y did not say they need it to do it, they said that they could do it, there is a difference. I hope the post is in the wrong and this is not a mistranslation issue


Is this another paid media play? Seriously…if you read Hybe open letter, its not like Hybe would taking control of Kpop industry. So misleading. Hybe said they and SM can grow further in the music market around the world as their artist leading in US and global market while SM mainly China,Japam, and Southeast Asia.


and you cant make conclusion from that? meaning of their words they could conquer the kpop industry not just in the west but asia too

Bela Domes

I don’t get why they keep explaining themselves like??? if you wanna buy it, just buy it.

Just stop dropping notes and solve this whole drama internally bcs It’s getting genuinely annoying

Last edited 7 months ago by Bela Domes

Hybe doing this to prevent kakao’s plan to takeover SM. SM planned to join hands with kakao to grab Hybe’s neck, it’s too obvious, and Hybe doing this to prevent it to happen since kakao is a super large business that’s famous with their monopoly.

It's whatever

I think knetizens are against Hybe because they don’t treat BTS as they deserve

I always see comments like this on hybe related post:

5. Please treat BTS well first

Even if I agree with Hybe on this situation with SM I’m glad k-netizens aren’t company stans like many international fans are.

Hi, I'm Guest

Misleading af but it’s whatever. As long as I can see sm stans crying miserably pathetic, then I’m good 😁


I think Hybe thinks a bit to high of themselves


SM stans bark so loud


bts>>>> kpop

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