HYBE shows their stability after revealing total sales and profit for 3rd quarter 2022

HYBE recorded total sales of 445.5 billion won (~$313.5 million)

Of the total amount, 206.2 billion won is the result of album sales, concerts and advertisements

239.3 billion won is the result of MD sales, licensed product distribution, and other various content

Seventeen, ENHYPEN, NewJeans, and J-Hope are the artists who released albums in the 3rd quarter

Concerts for the 3rd quarter include Seventeen and TXT’s world tours

HYBE’s operating profit was 60.6 billion won (~$43 million) in the 3rd quarter

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They also mentioned that Newjeans and Lesserafim is expected to grow 100% and I do kinda see it , feels like by next Newjeans’s cb, they’ll become a million seller that match with their popularity , digitally .

NJ and LSFM probably become Hybe’s breadwinners while BTS is gone for a while . By this year’s alone BTS making up like 60% of sales in Hybe .

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