HYBE VS Min Heejin → ARMY VS Bunnies.. ARMYs are cursing at NewJeans and Bunnies?

HYBE VS Min Heejin → ARMY VS Bunnies… Only hurts the artists

On the 3rd, a post was posted on an online community. The netizen who wrote this post said: “It’s frustrating because everyone thinks ARMY is on the side of HYBE Chairman Bang Si Hyuk. We are not on the side of Chairman Bang”

This netizen pointed out, “You may not be able to take CEO Min’s words lightly, but aren’t NewJeans separate?” This netizen criticized, “If you feel unfair that BTS is criticized because of President Bang, are angry with CEO Min, if you curse at NewJeans and fight with Bunnies (NewJeans’ official fandom name), then I want to completely stay out of the conflict between HYBE and CEO Min.”

One ARMY pointed out, “As an ARMY, how can you not get angry when you hear about BTS?” Another ARMY criticized, “With CEO Min’s actions, are there any fans who have sympathy for NewJeans? Only the idol I like is the victim.”

On the other hand, some Bunnies said, “This is not a conflict due to negligence on both sides. New Jeans is different from BTS in terms of fandom size” and added, “There are many ARMYs who curse and slander NewJeans”.

1. I’m an ARMY but I support NewJeans, HYBE is so bad

2. I’m an ARMY and I’m on Min Heejin’s side. Please kick Bang Si Hyuk out

3. All foreign fans of BTS are assholes. Half of their Korean fans are also supporting HYBE

4. It seems ARMY is not on HYBE’s side either

5. All normal ARMYs like NewJeans, not HYBE

6. The fans started fighting again

7. Why are ARMY involved in this issue?

8. Looking at the Twitter accounts that are causing trouble, it’s all because of the BTS fandom ^^

9. Since when do ARMYs hate and curse NewJeans and Bunnies? I just don’t care about the conflict between HYBE and Min Heejin. I hope they will resolve it themselves

10. I don’t know why some ARMYs participate in that conflict.. Especially overseas ARMYs, why do they love Bang with all their heart and soul?

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