HYBE was criticized for saying they care more about the environment, security, ethics and fans

HYBE cares more about the environment, security, ethics and fans

1. Ethics????????? Environment????????????

2. They’re lying

3. Such liars. Because of HYBE, my K-Pop stanning environment has been ruined

4. I guess I wasn’t the only one shocked when I saw the title of the article

5. Please pay attention to NewJeans, who are currently setting unprecedented records in Korea and abroad

6. They probably just thought about how to take more of the fans’ money. When did you guys think about this?

7. I don’t believe you, you idiot. Please pay attention to the artists

8. They say they are taking care of the fans but they raise the prices for soundcheck and always post about paid registration for Weverse. Because of that, now all the artists, and not just HYBE artists, have to go through Weverse first in order to even buy rickets. This is all done by you guys

9. Was HYBE investigated by the Fair Trade Commission last week?

10. I’ll give them the comedy award of the year

11. Is this black comedy?

12. They say they care about the environment, but they release different album versions and are against the environment. Looking at concert ticket prices and merchandise prices, it seems like they don’t care about their fans at all

13. Ethics?… Fan..?

14. Since when did they start thinking about their fans?

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