HYBE was criticized for thinking they could fill BTS’ empty spot with NewJeans

HYBE seems to believe they can fill BTS’ empty spot with NewJeans

“They filled BTS’ empty seat to the rim”… Thanks to NewJeans, HYBE’s stocks experienced a new wind”

“‘BTS left an empty spot?’… NewJeans sweeping charts, they’re working for real”

“‘Even when BTS joined the army”… The reason why HYBE’s target price climbed by 23%?”

“NewJeans breaking BTS and BLACKPINK up”

There are many articles like that

1. Okay, now NewJeans can raise HYBE. I don’t want BTS to renew their contract with HYBE. There are many fans who were angry with HYBE and just waiting for the contract to end

2. Take this opportunity, BTS should leave HYBE

3. However, I think the group with the most growth potential after BTS is NewJeans

4. (((((((BTS))))) (((((NewJeans)))))

5. Leave NewJeans alone

6. It’s funny that you guys are cursing at NewJeans after seeing this post

7. How do you fill it with NewJeans?

8. Without BTS, there would be no NewJeans

9. BTS’s rival is HYBE

10. I wish BTS would leave HYBE and start their own company

11. NewJeans is really good, but the company is really bad

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Logic Thinker

Please Logic was lost… like y’all The articles are all economic articles and are mostly analysis of the fact the stocks HAVE GONE UP SINCE OCTOBER.


yeah so it makes sense then for them to degrade BTS like that just for their fucking stocks ? Other companies didn’t even do this , YG’s breadwinner rn is Blackpink but they don’t even mediaplay about their new gg about to end BP and day by day the rumors of whether BP gonna renew or not are rising but still they haven’t mediaplay like what Hybe did to BTS rn

K army

Hybe is doing for their stock value…. I also observed their shares going up and down nd all members did not went to army… 6 members are active so ofcourse their stock will not be that affected…. it is because BTS only it is going up not bcz of some nuu grps

But hybe try to prove eventhough BTS will gone they have new jeans. so they are playing worst media play by using BTS name to uplift their nugu grps

Last edited 2 months ago by K army

And BTS solos majority after october. Its even rose when jin, rm revealed to do well on album sales.


The thing is, they could’ve said that without downplaying anyone else. They could even have done the same with NJ’s successes, which should not need to mediaplay on BTS’s name if they actually thought their achievements were impressive on their own. It’s insulting to both grps to do otherwise.

Last edited 2 months ago by EMs
K army

Hybe is becoming worst i think it already become worst.. army’s should stop supporting company
They are not even supporting members solo activities nd solo albums still it is delayed… Hobi cb it come and go very fast nd same with jin…. If they done their work correctly they album sales will cross 1m surely

If they gave proper promotions they could achive even more and more
I am just hoping jk album will be get good promotions without any unnecessary drams he has a lot of potential nd hopes same will happen to other remaining members


I am hoping atleast suga gonna complain about this because among members, he probably the one care about chart success. He probably knows BTS solos has high potential to debut no1 on bb 200 chart as RM alone already repeak at 83k+ at 2nd week when album finally shipped.


idk what armys meant by this tbh like don’t support the company then how are we going to support for their upcoming releases , the remaining members that yet to release an album ? We just can’t boycott them rn so there’s nothing that we can do to even protest .


Don’t forget when they didn’t want to support the company by boycotting j-hope’s solo album! 😤

K army

Not supporting company means… Stop buying unnecessary merchs nd supporting company saying they are good nd other grps
Just support BTS nothing more

WhatsThe Point

Talking about new jeans filling BTS empty spot all because of them charting well in kcharts? Not even 5% of BTS achievements 💀 Newsflash ggs are in general favoured in sk, let’s see how well nwjns will chart in their 10th year


Meanwhile BTS is struggling to chart in kcharts. Biggest bb who😂 Start admitting that they are a ‘has been’


Saying this when they dominate the largest music industries in the world? That’s your delusion talking. It’s not healthy. Get help.


Since when do kcharts started to hold huge position in world anyway?


what? bts have 4 songs that are still charting on melon lol


You’re calling them “has beens” because people didn’t stream much a non-mainstream song after announcing they’re taking a break from group activities on a chart of a streaming app losing its ULs every year to other streaming apps in a country not even within top 5 of the world’s biggest music market? Lmao, sure Janet.

WhatsThe Point

Struggling to chart… Bitch 4 longest charting songs in melon history Belong to BTS.. most streamed song, album, most liked song and album on melon belong to BTS. The same kcharts u are using to drag BTS, are the same kcharts where new jeans won’t achieve what BTS has.


Nurse! Limo is out again!


Let BTS leave that hybe and make their own company. Then let’s see how well hybe do then. And it’s time BTS start suing people who are using their names like this. Like seriously it’s like defamation atp. And they can easily sue some reporters. So that they think twice before making such bogus claims.


they should do it.or atleast bang shi hyuk.i can’t believe he stood there letting this sht happen

Last edited 2 months ago by roza

just like going to the shopping complex and buy a new trousers. opps, i mean new jeans.


NewJeans ended BTS


In your dreams

Still with bts

Nice joke but it’s not funny


They really shouldnt have downgraded BTS like this, It’s so disrespectful
I hope armys stop supporting new hybe groups, bc being company stans is a disease

WhatsThe Point

It’s all fck multis until it’s new jeans fandom..


Yes. They indeed can. Why bts fans are bitter?

Lazy Banana

In the entire world history, there’s never been a top girl group which has longevity and success equal to any top boy band/group but Hybe is stupid enough to downplay the most successful group they have and the biggest in the world for rookies who we don’t even know if the gp will discard later for YGNGG and I-Land girls.

Last edited 2 months ago by Lazy Banana

As someone watching these from the sidelines look’s like Army and Blinks have a big problem, army thought Blackpink was going to be pushed to the side to make space for the new gg but they never saw Hybe’s curve ball, the way I see it is that Hybe is trying to not depend on BTS the same way YG has been trying (and failing) for a long time with Blackpink, with BTS going to the military Hybe was ready to capitalized on their solo endeavors without realizing they were about to underperform compare to their accustomed success all because they never bothered to built their individual brands unlike YG, with Blackpink YG started intentionally/unintentionally catering beyond their own fanbase and without realizing they was digging their own grave since they grew exponentially Blackpink along with each of the members individual brands to a point where BP are now the only ones keeping them afloat, I think Hybe saw that and realized they needed a backup plan on their biggest act and basically breadwinners so they give army a new girl group to token stan to the top, they give y’all younger (so they can exploit them longer), women (no military/competition to the gg they hate) mediaplay (this is new and better) playlisting (breaking record’s even those of your own favs) and army eat it completely, now seems like Hybe realize they can profit equally or even more by media playing and playlisting the shit out of these new groups to the top, my point is both companies won’t stop till they find a new, younger more profitable group and push aside your favs, Hybe is already on the path let’s see how YG manage their new gg.

WhatsThe Point

Whatever it is BTS can’t be pushed to the side. Armys will make sure to keep BTS on the top until they come back


Let’s see, bts can join a global comp like Warner or universal music and hybe would be a cube

Gidle/ btob/ na inwoo vs. Svt/ txt/ minhyun

W/o the hype, nj is abt lightsum. 5 mids, no seolhyuns or exid hanis or gds.

Lazy Banana

Hybe and MHJ should’ve really shut their mouths, cut out the downplaying and mediaplaying and stop acting as if 80% of their money isn’t from BTS.

Like, I know Hybe is really so desperate to prove they can continue with BTS on a break but goddamn, put respect in their name. They get stab regularly by kmedia already, you gotta do it too??


seeing txt’s promotions rn , I feel like the team that working for BTS rn is not doing their job properly :/ txt’s team is quite good at doing their job rn, they even got ads for their new mv.

People have been mentioning Hybe official accs everyday about this problem with album shipments and other problems but still get nothing , I feel like if Jimin’s album later on received the same fate as Namjoon, Seokjin and Hoseok, we should’ve let k-armys or their cbars send some trucks infront of Hybe 👤


Hybe has lost it, all the play-listing and media play for this girls is insane specially when their numbers don’t match, embarrassing.

Still with bts

I am little disappointed with hybe they don’t promote BTS solo activities, taehyung veriety show and they thought that new jeans can replace BTS what is the point of this though means BTS still working since 10 years and they increased company reputation and new jeans debut in August now I decide that now I unsubscribing hybe it’s not means that I leave BTS it’s because BTS all solo activities and solo are uploaded in Bangtan tv and I still subscribe bangtan tv

Still with bts

Army let’s Support BTS and proof that no one can replace BTS they work so hard for their company and make their company more popular and now their company though that other groups can replace BTS but we know that BTS is BTS no one can replace them and 2025 is near they doing their comeback in 2025 and start their legendary journey again

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