HYBE was investigated by the Fair Trade Commission for falsifying important documents

Fair Trade Commission “HYBE suspected of omitting and sending wrong data about Bang Si Hyuk’s relatives”

On June 24, 2024, it was reported by Korean media that the Fair Trade Commission has launched an official investigation against HYBE

HYBE was suspected of the omission of and or falsely submitting data related to the relatives of founder and chairman Bang Si Hyuk. As HYBE recently became a conglomeration, they are legally required to identify the family members and their affiliated companies of the higher ups

1. What did they hide?

2. I hope BTS leaves HYBE soon

3. This company was run at the level of a corner store, but thanks to BTS, it made a lot of money and suddenly it became a big company. It’s really a comedy

4. What the hell is HYBE doing?

5. Someone please tell Bang Si Hyuk not to go on stage and play the guitar but to run his company properly. What is he really doing?

6. HYBE is ugly

7. But this isn’t just Bang Si Hyuk, we need to investigate the HYBE executives as well, led by Park Ji Won

8. Bangtan, please leave HYBE

9. I’m not surprised

10. I hate HYBE so much…

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