HYBE was ruining K-Pop

HYBE was ruining K-Pop

The three big companies SM, YG and YG have arduous training periods and create idols with good overall skills, but HYBE is starting to mass produce idols, including idols with weak basic skills, while media playing that they are BTS’s dongsaeng groups

Honestly, have there ever been controversies about the skills of SM, YGm and JYP idols?

SM: SHINee EXO Red Velvet NCT Aespa RIIZE



HYBE fans make this worst, by being okay with this, shielding idols that are lacking in skills, defending subpar performances as good

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1. [+740, -9] At least the other companies don’t debut goats

2. [+647, -6] The way they gas up music streams is so real. Looking at music charts, it feels like I’m looking at faceless singers, or Instagram stars. Even if the Big 3 fought like f*ck back then, they still keep the line. But today, they only use money to defeat others. Such a bubble

3. [+591, -8] Honestly, OP isn’t lying

4. [+587, -10] Skills is one thing, but HYBE is the corrupter of K-pop… Starting from concert ticket prices, most of the weird tricks originate from here

5. [+483, -10] Does it seem like this only affects fans? It affects stocks too. This is why entertainment companies should not be listed. They do media play so much, and all stock investors shield them so much. SM was really good at this, and it seems like it’s HYBE now

6. [+138, -147] Apart from all the idols they took over (SEVENTEEN, fromis_9, etc), all of the idols they have produced themselves, are not at the level of singers if you listen to their live singing… Including BTS

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