HYBE who caused controversy twice this year regarding the younger members’ outfits



1. I hope Eunchae doesn’t wear that kind of clothes. She’s a cute kid

2. I really hate it, please don’t wear such things for minors

3. They shouldn’t be dressed like that on stage

4. Seriously, when I watch the music video, I don’t think about it at allㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. They may dress like that because they are celebrities, but I worry that what celebrities do will affect children as well

6. They are minors, so be careful

7. The clothes and the faces don’t match… They’re just kids

8. I didn’t think about it after watching NewJeans’ MV, but when I saw the pictures in Min Heejin’s house, I thought it was her hobby…

9. Imagine middle school students wearing that kind of clothes on the street…

10. Those clothes aren’t even pretty

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